· The user is responsible for the care and return of the bicycle and accessories (locks, helmet, keys …).

· The bikes must be returned in the same condition as when rented, taking charge the user for any damage caused.

· The user is obliged at all times to properly lock the bicycles when is not using it and on the right places for that.

· In case of theft or loss of the material, the user will be required to pay to Delivery Bikes all the stolen material, the value of different accessories padlock 12 €, key 6 €, helmet 19 €, lights, brakes, pedals 9 € c / u, seat 20 €, 25 € wheel rotates. In case of theft of the bicycle, the price to be paid is 175 €.

· A deposit of 50 € (or ID) by rental bike will be returned to the return of the bicycle in the same state it was rented is required. The deposit will be confidence or in anticipation of any damage, loss or non-return of the bicycle and accessories that were rented.

· Payment and confidence always made in full and in advance at the time of rental.

· The delay in returning the /s bicycle /s will be the payment of the appropriate fee.

· The bicycle user undertakes to respect the laws and regulations of Barcelona and it is responsible for any damage caused as a result of any accident during rental.

· The user knows the risks involved in riding a bicycle and is solely responsible for damage caused to himself, to third parties or to any property, real or personal, by the use or normal or abnormal use of bicycles.

· Delivery Bikes not liable for claims for personal injury or property damage caused to himself or to third parties or to objects of your property.

· In case of puncture or breakdown you should call our emergency phone and we’ll take another bike.

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