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That is about Delivery bikes, we rent our bikes and we deliver and collect for free to the point of your choice !

We will we carry either in your hotel, apartment, restaurant, square or at the beach, where you request, we will be there !


Only reserve place, time and quantity of bikes you want, if available, you can proceed with the booking, pay comfortably with credit card, cash or paypal then your reservation is done, we´ll be ready to take your bike !

We are closely linked to the tourism industry in Barcelona and founded knowledge of bicycles, promote the use of this great vehicle as a means of clean, efficient, healthy, fun movement and for this reason enables us to offer a rental service with competence and responsibility, effects and can fully enjoy your ride in comfort in Barcelona.



The schedule for renting is 06:00hs to 24:00 pm every day.
The bike rental includes helmet and locks.

Conditions for rent
  • Age: High to 18 years. (Minors must be accompanied by an adult).
  • Deposit: € 50 or credit card as a guarantee.
  • Identification.


On Delivery you bikes we have a fleet of urban and folding bikes safe, comfortable and ideal for touring the city.
You’ll be able to stroll through the most attractive points that you’re interested, without relying on any move you shop and no waiting!
We have maps and information that are going to be helpful in discovering this wonderful capital.
The bike rental includes helmet and locks.
The schedule for renting is 06:00 hs to 24:00 hs pm every day.
Conditions for rent.
Age: High to 18 years.
Deposit: € 50, credit card, passport, identity card.
If you rent the bike for more than a day, remember to keep in a safe place (garage or parking).

Disseminate and develop an environmentally friendly alternative for sightseeing.

  • Grow and develop in the realization of tourism within the city.
  • Crecer y desarrollarnos en la realización del turismo dentro de la ciudad.
  • Offer a special service exceeding the expectations of our customers


  • Be the best alternative for bicycle tourism in a responsible, efficient and competitive manner.
    Always looking to expand our services to meet the needs of our visitors.


  • Be a company with the lowest level of contamination possible.
  • Contribute transmit and sustainable development.
  • Teaming up, providing quality products.
  • Get results for further growth.


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