Hi! Where do you want to take your bike ?
Cool! And where do you prefer to return the bike ?
And at last, what kind of bike you want ?

That is about Delivery bikes, we rent bikes with deliver and collect free to the point of your choice !

We  carry either to your hotel, apartment rental, apartment, restaurant, parc, square or beach, where you request, we will be there !

Only reserve the day, place, time and number of bikes you want, if available, you can proceed with the booking, pay comfortably with credit card, cash or paypal then your reservation will be done, and be ready to take your bike !

Shimano Classic

Class: Classic
Gearbox: 18 gears

  • Aluminium
  • Recommended for long trips
  • 28" Whells
  • Super Comfortable
BTWIN Eléctrica

Class: Eléctrico
Gearbox: 6 gears

  • 6 gears
  • Recommended for long trips
  • 28" Whells

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